Our Services

Come with us to the Bazaruto Archipelago

Sailaway Dhow Safaris offer fully catered safaris, so you can relax and enjoy the islands while we take care of you.

Safaris include huge meals, drinking water, fruit juice, tea and coffee. Seafood is our specialty and salads accompany all meals.

We can cater for vegetarians and vegans. Alcoholic beverages should be purchased prior departure.

We provide a cooler box and ice on safari.

Snorkelling gear, including mask, snorkel, diving boots and fins are supplied. We do recommend that you bring your own mask and snorkel however as these are often seen as personal items. We can purchase snorkelling equipment that you don’t have a need for after your safari too.

For those who wish to scuba dive, we can liaise with professional dive operators to meet up with you whilst on safari.

Sailaway dhows are seaworthy and crewed by experienced sailors. Each dhow is equipped with life jackets, communication and first-aid kits.

An auxiliary motor ensures that in the event of adverse wind conditions we are still able to reach our destination.